Crystal. Elegance is combined with rigour and rationality

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New aesthetic horizons for Crystal

How do you renew the style of a kitchen that is still up to date? The answer comes from Scavolini with different versions of 'Crystal'.

It's an aesthetic revolution

It revives glass through surprising visual effects born of new colors and decorations, all this without forgetting the importance of function and detail.

New aesthetic horizons for Crystal

The first distinctive element of Crystal is the rich and above all new range of colors: not just 'Prugna' but also 'Blu Navy' and the elegant 'Oliva' become protagonists of the new version of the kitchen.
We're talking about colors that when matched with the shininess of a material like glass give a space greater vitality.

And the 'water color' effect of the of the golden 'Leaf Gold' cabinets is completely new and adds an impression of warmth and welcoming as well as a delicate perception of movement to the space.

Animating decor

The smooth surface of glass acquires new dimensions thanks to the decor. For example, the graphic motif of the cabinet 'Flexus' creates original visual effects for the entire composition.

It's almost a three dimensional effect; we can also see it in the 'Karikon' project, the creative version designed by Karim Rashid(photo on the right).

An original graphic composed of brightly colorful serigraphed decorations gives a new depth to the surfaces of the cabinets.

Important details

And a strong practical aspect is not lacking.

From the particular raised counter top to the storage elements, everything is designed for a practicality on a par with the level of the elegance.

For storage needs, different containing solutions are perfect: wall cabinets with foldable doors or rotating shelf units 'Fly Moon'.

Great attention has been dedicated to the materials and colors of the handles.

Each has been designed and selected to integrate with its aesthetic variant.

In the example to the left, the rounded transparent metacrilate pull perfectly adapts to the lively 'mandarino' colored composition.

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