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Book shelf or Foodshelf?!

Like a latest-generation bookshelf, the Foodshelf kitchen - in which the French designer’s creativity of genius and Scavolini’s vast experience combine to perfection - features ...
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Rationalise space

Before choosing the furniture for your living room , a few aspects should be considered first: how much space you have, which are the trendiest colours and the finest materials...
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Design Traps

Have you ever been influenced by clichés or others' opinion? It happens to everyone. However, when it comes to the interior design of a house, it is even more important to distin...
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A question of FEEL-ing

Scavolini believes that even the most elegant project must still be absolutely functional. Today’s labour-saving innovations make this prerogative even more absolute. Perfect e...
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"Open" the Living

The living-area solutions created for the Open provide a contemporary approach to the new concept in home design, with the kitchen and living-area the joint centre of the dome...
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