The Scavolini Store Bogotà (Colombia) is abaut 400m² showroom where some of the most beautiful kitchens and bathrooms among the Scavolini range of models are displayed (Tetrix K4 and K2, LiberaMente Tweed Oak, Diesel Social Kitchen Ruxe White...Lagu, Idro, Rivo, Font, Habi...). This is a showroom that, since its opening in 2014, conveys and enhances the Scavolini style and brand notoriety throughout the Colombia. The Scavolini Store Bogotà's staff - managed by Aviles family - is glad to welcome you in our shop to show you all the novelties and peculiarities of the Scavolini kitchens and bathrooms.
CALLE 95 13-36 
Telephone: +57 1 7025037

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domenica; sabato